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African Blockchain Startup makes your Bitcoin Address Easy to Remember and Share

African Blockchain Startup makes your Bitcoin Address Easy to Remember and Share

Cape Town, January 2019: When you ask users of cryptocurrency about transferring bitcoin to each other, the general consensus is that it could be easier. It’s a definite stumbling block for many users and for those who are very new to cryptocurrency, enough to make them rethink their decision to purchase cryptocurrency from the start

It doesn’t come down to confidence, it comes down to making the experience hassle-free and user-friendly.

Introducing ‘just for Getting it [dot] CryptoCurrency – (jfGi) – an African Bitcoin startup making BTC easy to use, and easy to transfer the cryptocurrency between users.

Rafiq Phillips, TED Fellow and founder of jfGi, says:

jfGi simplifies and demystifies receiving bitcoin payments for anyone, anywhere on any mobile device in the world with just 1 click. It really is a case of clicking on an easy to remember link and you’ll be transacting on the bitcoin blockchain.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow @jfGi on Twitter.
  2. Send a Direct Message (DM) with any of your public BTC addresses that you can receive bitcoin at.
  3. Wait for @jfGi to DM your free account details.

In layperson’s terms:

The app links your twitter username to your public bitcoin address. You no longer need to remember a long string of up to 35 alphanumeric characters that resembles intricate code, trying to copy and paste on the run –  Just ask for the recipients jfGi link, click on it on your mobile when they share it with you and you’re good to go.

Phillips continues:

“Since starting to accept payments for my consulting services in Bitcoin it became time consuming and cumbersome to copy/paste my wallet address and create a QR code for every invoice. At the end of April 2018, I used my personal site to develop what has become the Alpha version of jfGi today. Working with my development partner, Tim Akinbo, who is also the co-founder of Bitcoin company,, the twitter chatbot is being upgraded.”

Using only Twitter, crowdsourcing and open source business design principles, the first users – ‘The jfGi 100’ – helped in sharing requests for new features, and sharing the idea of jfGi. With just over 150 users, their jfGi smart-links have already been clicked over 55000 times.

“I’m blown away by the various use-cases from schools using jfGi for Bitcoin fundraising to twitter users collecting Bitcoin tips from their followers. The feedback we’ve received and numbers are testament that consumers were ready for this,” say Phillips.

In a Q&A earlier this year, Mastering Bitcoin author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos stressed the importance of why bitcoin wallets user interfaces need to be easy to use as this is the first experience new users have with Bitcoin.

Phillips agrees, adding:

“jfGi is the glue between the foundation of internet communication (the URL) and a user’s bitcoin wallet.”

We decided decided to try jfGi ourselves and were very pleased with the results, even more by the seamless experience. Check out our jfGi Link:

Here’s what other users had to say:

“I believe that ( twitter @jfGi) in its simplest form is an execution of the title of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.” – Henry Dekoeyer

“I just thought about this… I know know one of my bitcoin addresses by heart now. Awesome” – Bryan Snyder

“Another killer app to foster Bitcoin growth… No more pesky long addresses that normal people can’t type in properly!” – Jorge Valdivia

“The entire process was quick and painless. It was set up within 5 minutes” – Henry Dekoeyer via

JfGi supports the majority of desktop & mobile Bitcoin wallets, and brings a much needed tool to the cryptocurrency community. Learn more about jfGi on their official website, follow them on Twitter or contact Rafiq Phillips on +27723999888 or

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